Nationality for a kid who born in Spain

This post is for those parents who are living legally in Spain and their kids are also born in Spain. These kids are eligible for Spanish nationality after living 1 year legally in Spain. They count 1 year legal stay with the residence card. For example, when you apply his/her residence card, you should start counting the days from there. As soon as 1 year pass, you can follow the following steps to apply for his/her nationality:

  1. Go to registro civil (address in Barcelona:  Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli, 3, 08002 Barcelona), and get an appointment to obtain a letter (they call it AUTO) which allows parents to apply the nationality of their kid. They will give you a date, a form to fill and the documents that you should bring with you.
  2. On the day of appointment, you have to take the following documents with you
    1. The filled form that you got from registro civil
    2. Latest Padron of parents and the kid. Also, ask them to print one more letter where you all family member names registered in the same place (they call it VOLANTE DE EMPADRONAMIENTO: CONVIVENCIA ACTUAL DOMICILIO)
    3. The latest birth certificate of the kid (should not be older than 3 months)
    4. Marriage certificate of the parents (you can use urdu nikah nama with the latest translation, just to avoid their question on the date of expiry)
    5. NIE and Passport of parents and the kid
    6. Employment contract and vida de liboral (Employment history report from social security office or you can download if you have digital certificate)
    7. Most important: Photo copies of each
  3. After you submit the documents, they will tell you to pick after two months. You can go after two months to collect the AUTO.
  4. Now you have all the documents and you just need to apply. I use the services from the following lawyer ( You can consult with them or you can also apply yourself online using digital certificate. To apply with the lawyer, you need the following documents:
    1. AUTO
    2. NIE and Passports of the parents and the kid
    3. Marriage certificate
    4. Padron of everyone
    5. You can take scan documents in USB and give to the lawyer
  5. Now, you have already applied for the nationality. It can take sometime. Now they have improved their system a lot. In my case, my daughter has been granted the nationality within 2 months. It can vary case to case.
  6. When you get the nationality granted, you need to print the letter and you have to go to registro civil to get an appointment for jura. Take the following documents with you
    1. Letter of nationality granted
    2. NIE of yours and your kid
  7. On the day of appointment for Jura, take the following documents with you:
    1. Letter of nationality granted
    2. Recent Padron of everyone (At the end, they took only my daugther’s Pedron)
    3. Recent birth certificate of the kid
    4. A document from the Pakistani consulate which states first name and surname of the parents. You can download it from the Consulate website. (After Jura, they gave me back these documents).
  8. After that, they will give you a letter and new birth certificate (They did not give me the birth certificate on the spot. They only gave me a letter and asked me to come back after 4 months to ask two birth certificates for DNI and Spanish Passport).
  9. Then you need to book the appointment in a police station to apply for DNI and Spanish passport of the kid.
  10. As soon as the kid gets the DNI, you need to communicate to all state departments. For instance, you need to tell to the school, hospital, social security, etc.

I hope these steps would help you. I wish you good luck for applying the nationality of your kids.